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We help companies to increase their productivity by maximising diversity.

Alma Besserdin


Alma Besserdin is the Founder and Director of Wimmigrants of Australia. Being a professional woman immigrant, who had to deal with challenges of immigration herself, has inspired her to establish Wimmigrants. Alma assists organisations to create a culture of diversity, innovation and engagement. She is an expert in inclusive leadership development and has assisted many companies to increase their productivity through cultural change and business transformation from inside out.

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Alma is a skilled organisational change/organisational development professional. She applies a practical ‘best fit’ approach to organisational change, ensuring the change program fits the specific organisational requirements. Alma helped shift the organisation to achieve the organisational goal of being an ‘employer of choice’. Alma is a skilled communicator, able to communicate complex concepts to a range of stakeholders, while maintaining their engagement. Alma has a rare capacity with in the consulting profession, acting as an enabler as well as change advisor. I have continued to leverage the knowledge I gained while working with her, years after the completion on the project.

– Susan Quinn, Senior HR Business Partner at Victorian Agency for Health Information

I engaged Alma’s support in undertaking some high level business and strategic planning for Flourishing Minds Consulting. She provided exactly what was needed, leveraging her unique combination of skills and experience to deliver objective, yet insightful advice and suggestions. Alma’s warm, supportive and professional approach also made our session a highly enjoyable experience. I’m fairly sure our professional relationship will now extend for years to come!

– LEISA MOLLOY | Director & Business Psychologist | Flourishing Minds Consulting

I first got to know Alma when reading her success story on the website of The Coaching Institute and was captured by her vision. At the time I needed some clarity and direction in my professional life as well as in some private matters. Alma is a great combination of a mentor and a coach, as she is an experienced business professional and has the knowledge, the expertise and the empathy of a coach. I enjoy our sessions together and am always sure to receive professional advice if needed or to be challenged by her. Having English as my third language was never a problem in our conversations as Alma brings along a lot of flexibility in mind to be able to understand not only the language but also to be open for cultural differences.

– Luba (Germany)

When you are at a stage as a professional where you wish to pursue a career, you can be assured of top-notch training and mentoring whilst working with Alma as she helps fosters a great working environment that drives any individual to perform to the best of their ability. Alma is not only passionate about the work she does but at every level transforms the way work is done. It has been a great privilege to have worked with Alma as not only did I learn new skills but also learnt how to keep evolving in a dynamic work environment where changes happen at every step of the way.

– Natasha Almeida

Alma, your presentation at CPA Small Business forum was uplifting and entertaining. You have demonstrated a great deal of knowledge in the area of managing change at the personal and organisational level. Your approach is very down to earth and using many practical examples that the audience could relate to. What a refreshing speaker and one that should be shared with many other people .You presented in a manner that was both humorous and entertaining, while still getting your message across to the entire audience. You connected with the audience really well and established an amazing trust and rapport.I am a frequent attendee of CPA events and your presentation was one of the best that I have ever attended, if not the best. Again, thank you and I hope to see you presenting soon again.

– Sunjae Choi, Director at Deloitte Austrralia

I attended Alma’s presentation through CPA Australia on the topic of ‘Change Management’. Alma was absolutely spot on the issue. Change management is such a difficult subject and challenging area. I found her presentation very knowledgeable and engaging. The real life examples backed up by tons of experiences are invaluable. I came out with quite a few important notes and tools she very generously shared. Her enthusiasm about the positive results and passion for the better are very empowering and inspiring. Definitely one of the best Change Management pioneers!

– Jane Li, Commercial Manager at MyDBA, CPA, MPA, MSc. Commerce and B. Economics

Very often people are blessed with opportunities and experience that truly impact their lives. Working with Alma is an opportunity and an experience that I will remember forever.It was the right decision that I opted for Alma’s mentoring program. It is a great experience; she brings so much positivity and enthusiasm. She has amazing skill to bring you on track every time you speak to her. Alma’s mentoring program is so focused on the outcome and provides the right framework with step by step activities for development.Alma always tries to bring best of me and encourages everything that you I do. The mentoring sessions are so detailed and productive with so much of dedication and hard work from Alma. She gives so much of knowledge about how industries, recruiters work in Australia and make aware of the professional scenario.Also, the online program gives in-depth information that we need to know while searching a job in the new country. It makes things so simple to understand and makes you ready to take the new challenge on both personal and professional front.

This mentoring program I would consider the right investment of time and money aligned to productive efforts to bring the positivity, success, and change, and all credit is to Alma.

– Madhuri

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your immeasurable contribution to my career journey.  As a woman who recently migrated to Australia, I could not dream of securing a professional position in my area of expertise. I have been privileged to know and work with you during this year as my professional mentor. Since I started working with you, the level of my professional confidence has dramatically increased. Thank you for all your mentoring, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and empowerment.   I learnt to consider my personal values, and I am glad I have got a job that I am comfortable with, as respects my values.  Thank you for imparting skills that have shaped my career and professional life. Your mentoring has meant so much to me. I can never really thank you enough. Your efforts will forever be appreciated.

– Solange Uwingeneye