2018 has arrived, so Happy New Year from Wimmigrants. The New Year is the perfect time to set your goals for the next twelve months.
Why not begin your successful New Year by joining the Wimmigrants online program? Sure, if you have the skills, the experience, the determination, you can succeed – but, in a new country, success can take much longer to achieve on your own. What worked for you elsewhere may not work here in Australia.
You can so easily lose confidence, and waste precious time and money, without appropriate guidance. A new country brings so many challenges (and great opportunities). It makes sense to use the key information that someone like Alma Besserdin has to offer through her Wimmigrants program.
Wimmigrants offers skilled migrants the opportunity to leverage off approximately 30 years of hard-earned knowledge. Alma Besserdin established Wimmigrants so that other highly-skilled migrant women don’t have to spend years struggling to gain a foothold in Australia. Alma’s online career coaching offers the opportunity to get your career on track without unnecessary side-tracks and unhelpful, expensive detours.

For $250, you gain 6 months’ access to the Wimmigrants online community and structured e-learning program. The contents cover topics such as:
• How to create your personal brand
• Job searching and applying for jobs
• Using social media for your brand (for example, LinkedIn)
• Establishing your network in a new country
• Writing your resume to win interviews
• Preparing for and conducting interviews
• Understanding Australian workplace culture and how to fit in
• Learning what successful people do differently
• How to develop emotional intelligence
• Developing self-confidence

These topics and many more are covered in Wimmigrants’ structured e-learning program. Over 5 hours of video content is included, along with practical tools and templates. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other members of the wider Wimmigrants community through various forums and webinars that will be run over time.

If you don’t know whether Wimmigrants can help you, give us a call and we will talk with you to see what will work best for you.
May 2018 bring you the success and happiness that you seek.