Establishing or advancing a career in a new country can be very challenging. To enable as many skilled migrants to accelerate their job search and help them establish their careers and life in a new country, Wimmigrants have launched an E-Learning online program which provides key information, guided activities and the process to help kick start or accelerate a career in Australia.

The E-Learning program is structured through various topics under each of which there are different materials and information that are easy to apply practically.
Including over 5 hours of video content, practical tools and templates, some of the topics covered in the program are:

– Creating your personal brand
– Job search and applying for a job
– Using social media for your brand, for example LinkedIn
– Establishing your network in a new country
– Writing your resume to win an interview
– Preparing and conducting an interview
– Understanding culture and how to fit in a new workplace
– What successful people do differently
– How to develop emotional intelligence
– Developing self-confidence
And much more.

Once you sign for the program, you will become part of the wider Wimmigrants community where you will have the opportunity to connect with other members through various forums and webinars that we will run over time.

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